Frequently Asked


What eBook formats are available for MIND OVER BLUBBERTM?

MIND OVER BLUBBERTM is sent to you in PDF format. We would like to have the option of other formats but because of the special typesetting of the text which is crucial to understanding the concepts of MIND OVER BLUBBERTM, PDF format is the best since it maintains the author's intention. Other formats such as ePub negate and greatly alter the specific and necessary typesetting of the book. MIND OVER BLUBBERTM is a new book, but so far with hundreds and hundreds of readers, we have had only glowing reports of readers' enjoyment of the PDF version. Should we hear resounding requests for other formats, we'll do our best to figure out a solution.

After I order, how do I get my eBook?

A download link will be emailed to you immediately upon ordering and payment verification. Usually you'll receive it within seconds, but depending on your server, it will take no more more than a minute or two.

I am about 140 pounds overweight for my height. Will MIND OVER BLUBBERTM work for me?

First, the fact you are asking this question means you are concerned and serious about self-improvement and your health. So, kudos to you for that. The answer to your question is yes, but also, as Sidney Friedman states in the book in several places, consult a physician before taking on a fitness and diet program. While MIND OVER BLUBBERTM gives suggestions for diet and workout, it is not per se a diet or fitness book, but rather is a book about how to set your mind to be disciplined and totally stick with whatever diet and workout plan you choose. This book is about the all-important, crucial mental component so you easily stay on track toward accomplishing your goal whether it's to be 10 or 20 or 140 pounds slimmer.

I don't have much time to read. How long is MIND OVER BLUBBERTM? 

The book is packed with substantial information, but is a relatively quick, easy read, about 100 pages. When writing MIND OVER BLUBBERTM, Sidney trimmed the fat, so to speak (pun intended), as he likes books which are direct and get to the point without muss or fuss. But regardless of length, you will not want to skim the contents. Every page contains vital information, which if followed, will work for you. 

Why is MIND OVER BLUBBERTM a digital book and not a physical book?

It is digital because we want to get you the information fast. As a digital product, you will have the book practically the moment you order it. Plus, surveys are showing most people prefer it this way. That being said, we do have plans to produce MIND OVER BLUBBERTM in a limited quantity as a physical book in the coming year. Stay tuned.

Is this just another one of those positive thinking books?

The answer is no, no, and no. In fact, Sidney points out in detail how so-called "positive thinking" does NOT work. Sidney shares with you something that works better. Instead, the five "Mind Marvels" in MIND OVER BLUBBERTM get your mind working/acting in a positive way, but it happens naturally, as opposed to you forcing some kind of "positive thinking" on yourself.